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This site is intended to be a guide to London, Ontario without duplicating information that exists elsewhere. It contains interesting places to visit, to shop, to work, or to find help, all categorized by subject and neighbourhood. Read these guidelines and if you're interesting in contributing, request an account.

See Mediawiki's general guidelines for help on the "wiki way". For this site in particular, it's sufficient to write very brief descriptions and link to other websites (like we just did with the previous links).

To add the standard infobox and add the page to indexes automatically, use a template and just fill out a form. If you type {{ in the editor you'll see a pop-up form. Search for and select either Place or Event depending on what you are adding. Fill in the type (for example, Restaurant:Diner or Service:Nail Salon for a place, or Airshow or Market for an event), then click Add more information to add a few more common pieces of info. When you save the page it will be added to the appropriate categories and indexed automatically.

Play around with editing in the Sandbox.

To create a page, edit the URL in your browser to a page name that doesn't exist, or enter the name below.



  • ...add places that you personally like or use and if they change, come back and update them
  • ...add locally-owned, independent businesses, unusual and interesting businesses, and local services, clubs and facilities
  • ...fix mistakes in other pages
  • ...tolerate other people fixing your mistakes
  • ...use the Discussion pages if unsure


  • ...add places that you can't personally recommend
  • ...add well-known large chains (those are already easy to find)
  • ...remove places others added just because you don't like them
  • ...add copyrighted text or images, or chunks of text from other websites. legalline.ca has some advice on copyright. The word "substantial" implies that copying one or two sentences is probably fine but if in the slightest doubt, rephrase something yourself.
  • ...add advertising
  • ...enter lots of information that's available elsewhere; link to the external pages instead
  • ...write reviews; link to external reviews instead
  • ...add anything if you are not comfortable with our copyright policy

As an example, see Delmar Restaurant; in this case neighbourhood was set to Argyle and type to Restaurant:Diner. Note how it was automatically added to those categories (on the right on desktop and at the bottom on mobile) and that links to external sites are used. See the list of existing neighbourhoods and the list of all categories if you're not sure what to use.

This wiki is automatically backed up every 6 hours to this Github repository. In case the server is lost or the current administrator becomes unavailable the files there can be used to recover all pages to a new Mediawiki instance.

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